Here at The Wellbeing Way, we are shaking up the world of wellbeing training and coaching. Traditional 'classroom' training days typically fail to motivate or inspire change, often through lack of involvement or the same old approach e.g. engaging the conscious mind and then hoping the subconscious mind (the part that holds the key to change) will miraculously change too.


It's a bit like learning to fly but not knowing how to take off!

In order to drive real change, you MUST engage the power of the subconscious mind and understand how our internal dialogue plays a huge part in the way we perceive and cope with stress, and in some cases generate additional stress from within.

We offer a full range of training courses and support to ensure you have the best strategy for managing stress at work and promoting wellbeing in the workplace such as: Drop in Clinics, Return to work support sessions, 1:1 sessions, stress management and mindfulness courses to name a few...

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James Gunning
Founder and Principal

I established The Wellbeing Way as a direct result of having suffered extreme stress and anxiety myself whilst working for the Police. It highlighted to me, the desperate need for effective support and guidance for employers and employees alike, to be able to identify and tackle work related stress, anxiety and depression, in order to protect their wellbeing and mental health.

During my working life I have always worked in some form of communication, whether it be face to face or over the telephone.   I spent several years as a Trainer for KLM Airlines, teaching courses ranging from advanced interpersonal skills and body language all the way through to Load Control (weight & balance) on live flights for the various aircraft types being used. During this time I successfully achieved certificates for Coaching, Training Trainers, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Powerful First Impressions and Mentoring.


I am a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and an anxiety coach, CBT Practitioner and mindset expert.  I am also a SENIOR member of the United Kingdom Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (Advanced Hypnotherpist) and a FULL member of the UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners. The results achieved through my work as a hypnotherapist totally changed my view of the human mind and what can be achieved when things are pulled into focus and changed. Twenty seven year old issues resolved in ONE session etc. (Hypnotherapy website testimonials can be accessed HERE)


Using a combination of mindset techniques, breathing techniques and an in depth kowledge of stress, employees and managers alike can unlock their true potential.  We can even teach self hypnosis or if requested, use group hypnosis in the training itself. I truly believe we are only skimming the surface of our true capabilities and that is what makes hypnosis and wellbeing coaching work so exciting.

Subconscious Mind
Development Champion

The subconscious mind is the key to all of the behaviours and ways we act and feel.   It is the hidden powerhouse that dictates how we respond to the outside world around us.   Its actions are in response to factors such as stress, fear, danger and change etc.  How we respond is based on our own belief system or 'critical faculty' which acts like a filter to such stimuli.  This filter has been developed during our formative years and is typically set for life unless it is changed at a subconscious level.


Any new behaviour or training is only integrated, if it is accepted by the subconscious, otherwise it is dropped.  To that end, it's crucial to involve the subconscious mind in any new learning, behaviour or skill in order for it to become truly effective. This can be done using internal language the subconscious understands directly.


We can give your staff the tools they need to take back control and manage stress, anxiety and depression which means:

  • Increased morale and better productivity

  • Higher employee satisfaction scores

  • Reduced costs and average absence levels

  • Short & long term savings 

  • Improved wellbeing and mental health

  • Lasting, effective stress relief