Anxiety, Stress and Depression: A new hope?

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

If you have ever suffered from any of these (Lets call them the big three), you will know how hard it can be to climb back up out of the hole it feels like you are in...a bit like trying to climb up a pole covered in grease while someone shouts at you telling you how inadequate you are! It's like pressure keeps piling up and little things become bigger and bigger problems in your head, whilst that sinking feeling of overwhelming gloom sucks you down a big black hole. In a word: It sucks!

Its a pretty awful place to be and if you than factor in the work place, home life, finances and even the winter weather........well, you get the picture.

Have you ever been on a training day to tackle the big three? Did it really help? seemed good but after a few days it all just went back to how it was? sounds familiar doesn't it. The problem with traditional training in this are is that it does nothing to change your mindset or subconscious programming. The result is we revert back to type.

It's like being scared of spiders: You tell ​​yourself a hundred times that the next spider you see won't scare you...and what happens? You see a spider and scream like an bad actor in a cheap B movie!!!

But WHY does this happen if you told yourself and were so sure you wouldn't do it again?

Answer: Your subconscious belief system wasn't changed. It was still running the 'OLD' program: 'I am scared of spiders'. In order to change this fear, you MUST change the subconscious program. If a new program is installed, the fear vanishes.

Now imagine applying that principle to how training is conducted. Imagine combining hypnosis with your training to CHANGE your old programs and create new, better ones that allow you to manage stress, anxiety and negative thoughts in a more powerful way?

In the words of the popular Star Wars saga, there is 'A New Hope'

Is the force strong with you?

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