Stress at work? Who? Me? Haven’t got time for that!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

How many of us have said this and laughed it off? Did you spot the problem with that answer? An answer like that is your first warning sign that something is out of balance, but we tend to ignore it because it’s just the way it is...right?

When was the last time you stopped and asked why is it like that? What’s causing the pressure or creating that feeling that you have to burn yourself out. Yes of course occasionally work gets too busy due to a big order or deadline and that’s normal. I’m talking about the constant pressure and the constant headless chicken act. That’s NOT normal and shouldn’t be allowed to destroy your staff.

Next time you feel that way or if it’s happening now, STOP and look at what’s actually happening. Ask: is it extra work? Is it lack of training? Is it shortage of equipment or is it YOU?

Time taken every so often to ‘self check’ you or your business can offer up solutions or new ideas or even catch problems before they begin. A great way to ‘self check’ is to learn how to manage stress and anxiety properly and routinely.

The reward to you and your staff could prove both profitable and save costs on sick pay further down the line.

Have you got time for stress at work now?

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