Stress Management Training Services in Norfolk: A hypnotic approach!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

So you’re looking for a training provider to help you and your staff learn about managing stress at work, but they all offer the same old thing. The Wellbeing Way are bringing a game changer to the world of managing stress: Hypnosis!

Our one day courses all involve three full sessions of hypnosis and a host of mind programming techniques. Delegates are heavily involved throughout the day and ‘create’ their own powerful approach to managing stress. The day not only removes stress already present, it also teaches you what stress is, the warning signs and how to effectively address them.

Hypnosis is widely recognised as an excellent way to manage stress but also highly effective when applied to new learning which makes the training offered uniquely effective.

Imagine the effect a training day like this would have on your staff morale?

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