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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

When you think of training days, you tend to fall into one of three categories:

a) "Oh no, not another wasted day...I'd rather stick pins in my ?%$&!!"

b) "Great an opportunity to get out of work...result!"

c) "Great, hope I get something useful out of it...sounds good"

First off, let's cut to the chase: If your staff fall into category b), sack them! Seriously....if that's their attitude, it's time to move them along. Don't get me wrong, I 100% believe training should be energising and fun but always with a purpose that relates to either personal improvement/development, business performance development/improvement, but ideally, BOTH!

If employees see it as a day off or waste of time, in today's economic climate they are not the right person for your business. Sorry but I say it as I see it...Probably comes from my ex-police background!

So what about category a)? Should I sack them?

Category a) employees are all too common....and that's not their fault. It's almost always down to being sent on a course that's either:

1. Not relevant to them/their role

2. Not pitched at their level

3. B O R I N G beyond belief as the trainer has looked as confused as Adam on Mother's day and as good as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy elbow!

4. Too Long or Too short? (Reminds me of a joke about the actress and a certain Bishop)

5. They got nothing out of it.....Sounds familiar?

Category c) means the training received was the opposite of the above five common issues....Ok I know what you're thinking.....actually, I don't! I do hypnosis not mind reading, but i can guess: What makes our training better?

It's simple: At The Wellbeing Way we engage the more powerful subconscious mind - The part of us that really runs the show. Opening that and engaging that in a positive and creative way, allows you to makes changes that can allow you to propel yourself forward and actually retain more of what you learned.

Incorporating three full hypnosis sessions in every training day gives you an edge that other training days simply cannot do. Relying on the conscious mind alone is like asking a computer to save information on CD-Rom made of tin foil....It looks shiny and cool but won't last long! For lasting change/effect you need to change the subconscious, the foundation of your belief systems.

That's why people who tell themselves (Their conscious mind) they won't eat chocolate again when on a diet, fail. A few days in and the next choccy temptation that comes along, they cram in their mouth like it's the last chocolate on earth! Why? Because their subconscious belief was never changed. It still plays the program that says "I eat lots of chocolate!!!"

The Wellbeing Way - "Putting your mental health first"

Providing Stress management training, Anxiety management training, Return to work support, 1:1 Training and much more...

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