Stress should be a four letter word!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Have you noticed how everyone talks about how stressed they are, yet most do nothing to prevent it or deal with it. Why is that?

You here people say that they need a holiday or a break from the daily grind and yet that same conversation comes up again and again. Every other day people are stressed or need a break and then the same conversation the following week and the week after that...

If something or someone kept bothering as much as stress you probably tell them to F*** off! Yet for some strange reason we allow stress to keep pressing our buttons and winding us up.

Stress really should be a four letter word when you think about what it does to us! In fact there are a few words that would fit nicely!

So why do we let it build up and damage us?

Do we enjoy the upset? No, but we still find ourselves drawn to it like a moth to a car headlight. The problem with that of course is that a car headlight travelling at 50 mph tends to have a poor result for the moth! You are no different if you ignore stress. Eventually the car headlight will hit you!!

So what do you currently do to deal with stress? Do you even know if you are suffering from stress right now? If you are, what sort of stress is it? Can you afford to ignore it? Will it go away if you ignore it or will it get worse and make you ill? Just thinking about it can be stressful....

So what are the best ways to tackle stress? There are the easy things that you probably already know such as going for a walk or having a nice relaxing bubble bath or even doing some gardening. And there are more involved things such as meditation etc.

Do the work? The short answer is YES, however there is a BUT! They only work if you ACTUALLY do them....

Ok, that sounds obvious but the problem is taking action.

Be Honest with yourself:

It's the same as wanting to lose a few pounds for the summer. We know how to eat better and how to exercise and that we have to be consistent, yet we don't stick to it, or even worse don't even begin. The issue is not what you have to do to lose weight or reduce stress, it's the taking action part. So how do we change that?

1. First you have to acknowledge the issue e.g. putting on weight or feeling stressed

2. Secondly you have to know how to change it e.g. diet/exercise plan, learn meditation/self hypnosis

3. You find out where you can to this activity e.g. home, gym, classes etc

4. Commit to doing it...

5. Actually do it!

If you doubt you need to act, consider for a moment how you feel when stressed...then compare that to how you want to feel or should feel? Which do you prefer?

Now go and act!

If you want to learn about stress and ways to deal with it, or your staff are suffering from stress and need help with ways to combat it or even need help to get back to work if they are off sick, why not get in touch and ask about the training we can provide....

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