Wellbeing Training Norfolk gets powerful boost!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

As wellbeing training becomes a crucial part of staff welfare, it may be hard to know were to start if you're looking to get some training for your employees. After all, it's just someone telling you to close your eyes and relax isn't it? Certainly that sort of training is available and often for a very high fee! You may even be just as well to fall asleep at your desk!

Here at The Wellbeing Way, we think that's not good enough, which is why we go much, much further. Our training offers something that no one else does.

On top of the stress educational module, mindfulness training and breathing techniques, we offer something very unique:

Powerful subconscious mind programming, Hypnosis and vizualisation techniques.

The use of hypnosis and mind programming creates real change and maximises the benefit to delegates. This winning combination is proving a big hit with delegates as they 'feel' the difference and take back control. It's a wonderful way of letting you staff see that they can indeed change their mindset and take personal control of their stress levels and reduce them.

And don't worry, we don't have everyone running round like chickens making clucking noises and pretending to lay eggs! Although maybe at the Xmas party we could have some fun with that?!

Joking aside, all hypnosis conducted is 'clinical hypnosis' and designed to enhance your mental health. There is no place for 'Stage hypnosis' in any of our sessions.

The Wellbeing Way - "Putting your mental health first"

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