The Wellbeing Way Stress Busting Fast Scan

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

The Wellbeing Way stress busting fast  scan is a rapid way of detecting the early warning signs you're getting stressed and rapidly resets your mind and body. 

Some body parts act as early warning signals for stress but over time, we have trained ourselves to ignore these signs. There are five areas that change and are a good indicator as to how we feel. These areas are:

1. Tongue

2. Jaw

3. Shoulders

4. Breathing 

5. Tummy 

The tongue is a good indicator of stress for many. When we are stressed we often press our tongue against the front roof of our mouth. It often goes unnoticed as we tense ourselves up. 

The jaw is a very common place to show stress. We tend to hold it tight or even clasp it shut, some people may even grind their teeth when extremely stressed. 

Our shoulders will hunch up and sometimes forward when we feel stressed. This tenses the entire shoulder girdle and neck and is a common cause of pain or headaches. 

Breathing becomes shallow when stressed, often with shorter breaths. This results in fatigue and reduced oxygenation of the blood and slower carbon dioxide removal. 

And finally we tend to hold our tummy in when feeling stressed, or tense it up which also effects our breathing. 

How to perform the 'Rapid Scan' 

The Wellbeing Way 'Rapid scan' is an excellent way of detecting stress and rapidly removing it. It is simple and quick to do. 

  • Start by sitting in a chair and closing your eyes. 

  • Focus on your tongue and pay attention to where it is. Move it to its natural resting position in the centre of your mouth.

  • Focus on your jaw position and in particular, the big 'chewing' muscles at the back. Relax them and imagine them soft and loose and letting go. 

  • Focus on your shoulders next. Sit up straight and then let them drop down and back into their natural resting place. Imagine the muscles at the top of your shoulders and base of your next letting go loose and floppy and let them drop. 

  • Now notice the depth and speed of your breathing. Take several long slow deep breaths and blow them out through pursed lips. 

  • Finally relax your tummy muscles and let yourself breathe deeply all the way into your tummy. 

On completion of your rapid scan, notice just how much more relaxed you feel?

With practice this can be done rapidly and swiftly calm your nervous system down. Stress levels drop away and you feel better able to continue.  

If you like, and have more time, you can do a whole body scan.  

Give it a try and drop a comment in the comments section below to say how you found it.  

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