Norfolk based mindfulness training with a kick?!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Introducing a new approach to stress management training:

Here at The Wellbeing Way, we are shaking up the world of training and coaching by not only teaching mindfulness, but with the added kick of hypnosis. We even have a course to teach you self hypnosis. Most training days typically fail to motivate or inspire change, often through lack of involvement or the same old approach e.g. engaging the conscious mind and then hoping the subconscious mind (the part that holds the key to change) will miraculously change too.

WE ARE DIFFERENT! All our courses are designed to engage the mind at a subconscious level for maximum effect and impact.

We also now have a special short stress management course for teachers, designed to fit into the slot between school lessons ending and the end of the working day. Find our more here

In order to drive real change, you MUST engage the power of the subconscious mind."

If you would like to know more, visit the website HERE or get in touch HERE

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