Mindfulness Courses In Norwich For Stress At Work - Do they really help?

The short answer is YES, the long answer is YES definitely! Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

The truth is that mindfulness is an excellent tool for #stressrelief and should definitely be considered when you look to address any stress that you may be feeling.

Here at The Wellbeing Way, we encourgae everyone to look at their whole lifestyle and create a plan of action to deal with high #stress levels. This should include three main aspects in order to effectively tackle and remove stress:

1. Matters of the mind

2. Excercise

3. The food you eat

You can of course focus on one of the main areas listed above to get a grip of what's happening, but longer term you should always try to adjust all three. Start with one area and slowly introduce change in the others.

The beauty of this is that you get a rounded approach to managing your stress and not simply relying on one 'magic' solution. If you've ever been on a diet, you will know there is no such thing as a pill to make you slim overnight. Stress also requires a consistent approach to ensure it's held at manageable levels.

Mindfulness can bring quick #stressrelief but it is with regular use that the real benefit begins to show. As an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, I know how effective hypnosis can be for removing stress in as little as one session, however I always show a client how to manage that stress in order to maintain a more relaxed level in the future using stress management tips and techniques.

Just ask yourself this...

Imagine if your working day began with five minutes of mindfulness to set you up for the day? Or perhaps you had a ten minute mindfulness session at lunchtime to reset your mind for the afternoon? It can even be a one minute mindfulness 'brain break' while sitting on the loo.....! You may laugh but many people report this helps more than they ever imagined.

The trick is to find ways of incorporating these 'mindfulness breaks' into as many aspects of your day as you can. The cumulative effect is often very noticeable indeed.

Why not start today?

If you don't know how, get in touch and see what The Wellbeing Way can do to help your business become more #stressfree

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