Staff feeling stressed? Can you afford to spend 80p?

In the current climate of fear, financial pressure, budget cuts and brexit uncertainty, #stress levels among employees and business owners alike are sky rocketing. The time bomb of stress related absence is ticking away and everyone is too busy (or stressed) to notice.

Are you taking action to prevent it or simply hoping it will sort itself or fade away in time? That's not meant to be a dig or statement stating the's a fact of human nature. We put things off again and again until we are forced to act. The end result of this is even higher stress than the levels we were feeling to start with, and so the spiral grows...

Here's another stress fact:

"The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion estimates that for every 80p spent on health promotion and intervention programmes, £4 can be saved due to reduced absenteeism, temporary staff, presenteeism and improved motivation."

I am guessing the second fact is a little more appealing than the first one mentioned here. If you want to read more about this, you can do so by following the link to the article on the MIND website: Click Here

Learning how to de-pressurise your mental pressure cooker is a vital skill to combat stress. This along with being able to identify your work & personal stressors and what techniques work for you personally are the key to preventing absence due to stress or burnout.

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