Wellbeing courses Norfolk : Fully booked in under 3 days!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

After opening up spaces for our recent stress management session in a local high school, the demand was clear - Fully booked in under three days!

If there was ever any doubt that employees are looking for support and help with combating stress, this sort of response sends a very clear message.

The session was was packed full of information, techniques and practical exercises, but best of all, everyone was keen to learn and have a go. Breathing techniques, mindfulness and even a group hypnosis session to 'reset' everyone's levels.

We also covered the power of your 'internal voice', and looked at how it can change the way we act and respond to stress. We often just allow our internal dialogue to rule us and even control us, letting it run unchecked. When you stop and actually listen to the way we speak to ourselves, we realise how sometimes we are extremely hard on ourselves or even negative. This internal voice can even be very destructive when we get stuck in a rut or spiral of self deprecation. There were several heads nodding in recognition of this, and some beautiful moments as delegates made a connection with such an important topic. I can see several now being more aware of what they are telling themselves on a daily basis.

Another wonderful moment came as we rounded up the session and feedback was given. For me the stand out comment was that 'it was a relief to know they are not alone' and that it was 'liberating' to talk it out.

As a parting message, I would encourage you all to stop for a second and just pay attention to two things:

1. Your posture and breathing - sit up straight, stretch up and out and take a deep breath to 'shift' your physiology up a gear and out of that work 'rut'.

2. Listen to your internal dialogue - for the rest of the day keep it in check. Don't allow yourself to speak negatively to yourself.

Remember: Where the mind goes, the body follows....where are you sending your body?

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